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From Cocoons to Butterflies – Promoting the Whole Child

Cocoons to butterflies workshop with Emma Ballard


A 2-hour workshop best suited for parents of Preschool/Kindergarten children. The workshop is interactive and proactive while providing the latest research and insights into the topic of resilience.

As parents, we can influence the way our children approach the world and manage challenges and this workshop aims at providing parents with a “resilience toolbox” to build strength, flexibility and zeal in their children.

Topics discussed in the workshop include:

  • Nurturing competence and worthiness in your child
  • Parenting to foster resilience
  • Insights from neuroscience
  • Encouraging connection with others
  • Rethinking day-to day challenges and associated anxiety

Parents will be provided with a list of resources, for those interested in reading further, as well as a summary of the main points discussed on the evening.

Workshops are usually conducted in the evening at Preschools or Daycare facilities.  However morning workshops can also be arranged.
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