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What to expect

Each session is dynamic and based around the individual needs of the client.

The first session

In the initial session we:

Build rapport and develop a trusting and supportive environment.

Gain a better understanding of your specific situation and share relevant information.

Demystify the counselling process and reduce stress regarding upcoming sessions.

When working with children (12 yrs and under), much of the first session is spent with the parent understanding the current situation and gaining background information. It is also an opportunity to build rapport with the child and get to know them.

By the end of the initial session, we discuss some therapeutic goals, which will guide proceeding sessions.

The frequency of sessions will be discussed. Usually we meet fortnightly at first, but this will depend on the needs of the client.

Proceeding sessions

Most importantly, I am here to listen, acknowledge and reflect on your reality in a non-judgmental, supportive way.

In discussing your specific circumstances, we recognize strengths and coping strategies and identify patterns and habits, which may impact on living life to the fullest.

We integrate emotions, thoughts and behaviours and identify the beliefs and needs underlying these typical responses. Becoming more consciously aware opens us up to new ways of responding.

I like to work holistically and often incorporate relaxation strategies and other mind-body approaches to encourage balance and integration.

Evidence-based information and strategies will be incorporated in the sessions to further develop insight and understanding.

Parents will be an integral part of the counselling process, when working with young clients. An interactive, play-based approach, which is developmentally appropriate, will engage the child client, develop skills and encourage self-expression. User-friendly strategies will be discussed with parents to encourage behavioral change beyond the counselling environment.  When requested by the parent, I am happy to make contact with other professionals working with the child.

When working with young adolescents, I like to encourage parental involvement but this is often up to the client. Parental involvement is helpful at bridging the gaps between parents and adolescents.

We usually wrap up the session by summarizing the main points, discussing strategies and points of awareness.

All sessions are strictly CONFIDENTIAL. I will only disclose information when legally required to do so or when I am concerned about the health and safety of a client. Whenever possible, I will make the client aware of my disclosure beforehand. 

The first step towards change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.   Nathaniel Branden